Fitwell Method

 “Life is not merely being alive, but being well.” 
Marcus Martialis

There is a lot of information out there on how to live well and be fit. Expensive gyms, overpriced trainers, hyped-up detoxes, and get-fit-quick schemes promise speedy results with minimal scientific evidence and personal support. You often end up struggling to understand what healthy living really means, and if you want personalisation, it costs you a fortune. Before long, the process gets tedious, expensive, and time-consuming, resulting in a vicious cycle of new resolutions and abandoned dreams.

Whether we want to avoid illness, look good, move with ease, or lengthen our life, we all have our own, persuasive reason to want to be healthy. So, why do fitness goals often end up abandoned? 

Because even the most determined, motivated, and knowledgeable of us needs a helping hand or a guiding light from time to time.  

At Fitwell, we believe that fitness should be
simple, accessible, and achievable!

We believe that fitness is not about spending lots of money or making drastic changes in your lifestyle. It is not about over-complicated and unrealistic diet plans, or lengthy, expensive gym memberships. You have what it takes to live healthy, all you need are the right tools and the know-how.

If done right, fitness should not leave you feeling overwhelmed, it should leave you feeling rejuvenated.

Our motto at Fitwell is: The best tool you will ever own is your own body; we are here to help you take care of it, so that it takes care of you. 

What makes a fitness experience great is more than just diet and exercise. 

You probably already spent endless hours at the gym, and tried and quit countless different diets always to the same effect: No lasting results! You are maybe tired and believe you cannot make it happen.

But this is not true!

For us at Fitwell, fitness is about more than losing weight, building muscle, or getting fit, it’s a mental shift. What we have set out to do is show you the right tools to live better and healthier for the rest of your life. Because when you feel empowered, you will be inspired to take control of your life.

Fitwell gives you the tools you need to succeed

We believe that an effective fitness journey starts with one thing: Consistency!

In order to achieve success and become your best self, you need to turn healthy living from a burden into a habit. When you make the necessary changes and adopt healthy habits, you will see the results you desire.

By focusing on turning the right actions into habits, you no longer have to evaluate your every action, because you’ll know you’re making the right ones. By substituting good choices for unhealthy ones, you initiate change.

The Fitwell Method:

With busy, stressful lives, most of us do not have time to stop and contemplate how each one of our actions is affecting our health. Our unhealthy diets and lack of exercise put unnecessary stress on our bodies. These habits lead to the early degradation of our physical and mental health.

The first step in Fitwell’s personalised fitness plans is evaluating your current habits and gradually replacing them with healthy ones. By casting light on what your current dietary choices and activity level could mean for you in the long run, Fitwell helps you understand what is working for your body and what isn’t.

By teaching you how to make the right dietary, mental, and physical decisions appropriate for your body, Fitwell will: 

  1. improve your immune system

  2. boost your brain power

  3. decrease inflammation in your body (especially your digestive system and joints), and

  4. help you maintain a healthy weight and muscle mass

Here’s how Fitwell helps you:


1) Eat healthier

Learning more about your current dietary habits helps you visualise the necessary changes you need to make to your diet. It teaches you how to fuel your body properly for optimum mental and physical health. Calorie tracking and meal suggestions show you how easy it can be to start eating healthy. Fitwell plans your weekly meals using the foods you love. 

We show you that healthy eating can be delicious, rich, flavourful, fun, and most importantly, easy. We build our meal plans on realistic portions so you never go hungry. We use ingredients you love and give you plenty of alternatives. After all, eating healthy is not about punishing yourself. It’s about treating your body right. 

2) Work out smarter

No games are won without a great game plan. Unless you know your strategy, exercise can easily become a burden. But when every workout has a purpose, and when you know that every bit is helping you get to your goal, then the scale tips in your favour. 

Consistency is perhaps the most important element of a good workout plan. Fitwell provides you with an effective workout plan that gradually intensifies as you progress. This idea is known as Progressive Overload. 

Progressive Overload draws from two notions:

1. That our bodies are progressively declining with age, and

2. That our bodies quickly get used to the “norm”, learn to accept the new state as its “homeostatic state”, and stop responding to stimuli.

This means that in order to get in shape, stay fit, and fight aging, we need to gradually increase the weight, volume, intensity, frequency, and duration of our workouts. By slowly increasing these aspects of your workouts, we make sure you are constantly progressing towards a healthier, fitter self. At the same time, we ensure that you do not burn out or injure yourself, as time spent healing from an injury can result in loss of momentum.  

3) Track your progress

We’ve all heard the phrase “keep your eyes on the prize”. While this is good advice, it is not enough. Many people fail to accomplish what they set out to do simply because they lose sight of what they wanted to achieve. Tracking your progress allows you to see how each step you take is contributing to your success.

Our step and water trackers and smart reminders help you meet the minimum requirements of activity and hydration throughout the day. That way, even on your rest days, you are taking care of your body. 

Nutrition tracking helps you improve your relationship with food. Often we make unhealthy food choices without even realising. Tracking the macronutrients (protein, carbohydrates and fats) in your diet gives you insight into what you eat. You will get a better understanding of what you are missing in your diet, and you will gain appreciation for Fitwell’s meal plans.

Fitness and activity tracking will help you set daily goals for yourself. By tracking your workouts and other fitness activities, you will get a sense of how much you can accomplish and how much you are progressing.

4) Learn about fitness

As we said before, we believe, the best tool you will ever own is your own body, we are here to help you take care of it so that it takes care of you.

To do that, we want to demonstrate to you all the aspects of healthy living. That way, one day, you will not need anything or anyone but yourself to be your best and healthiest.

Fitness is only as complicated as you make it. We want to help you uncover its secrets and show you how simple and fun it can be. 

We want to teach the impact of aging has on your brain and your body, and how you can slow it down. Together, we not only can lengthen life, but also improve its quality! 

We present you with the most qualified, most accurate, and most effective information.


It is important to know how your personal trainer views each area of life that makes healthy-living possible. Here’s a look at what we base our diet plans, workout programs, personal care, and motivation content on:

Fitwell on Exercise


If you look at exercise as a one-size-fits-all, short-term “duty” you have to get through, then this is likely going to be how you feel every time. What we show you instead is to look at exercise as a personalised experience; one that makes you active, healthy, happy, and gets you in touch with your body. 


When trying to unravel the mysteries of exercise, we set out with one issue in mind: our bodies age progressively, and we must act to counteract aging! Initially, we worked with a good performance trainer who had trained A-level teams and olympic athletes. Our collective approach was something called Progressive Overload.

Our exercise programs start with a full assessment of your current fitness level. We want you to start working out at a point you can handle and progresses gradually, as the initial goal is to get your body to start craving the endorphins released during workout without burning you out. Once exercise becomes a habit, it’ll make it much easier to stick to your program; and the longer you do it, the more likely it will turn into a habit.

That’s why the first step in Fitwell’s exercise program is to decide on a fitness goal for you. By choosing a fitness goal and a date, you are telling Fitwell how much and how often you wish to stimulate your muscles and your body.  

We start out with 3-4 workouts per week with a mix of warm up, strength, cardio, cool down, and stretches. Our workouts consist of exercises you can do at home without equipment or expertise with low risk of injury. In our workouts, we incorporate some yoga, martial arts, boxing, and other types of exercises so that you are not doing the same workouts day after day. Flexibility and variety prevents boredom and helps you progress at a steadier rate.


Activeness Score helps you visualise the quality of your movement and activities each day. Instead of us just telling you what you need to do every day, Activeness score converts that information to a figure you can easily understand. This fitness matrix connects Fitwell workouts, step counts, and activities together to make it easier for you to follow your progress daily.

Fitwell on Food:

Accessibility to food has never been easier, but the quality of the foods we eat have decreased. What is now known as the “Western Diet” is often rich in carbohydrates, but poor in life sustaining vitamins, like vitamin B, D, E, potassium, magnesium, that are vital to bodily functions. It promotes weight gain, food addiction, and overconsumption.

Fitwell’s take on food is simple: Eat to feed your body! 

You do not need hard-to-follow diets, vitamins or supplements to be healthy. All your body needs are real, wholesome foods. By using the foods you love, we’ll get you eating clean, healthy, more natural meals. You’ll start craving fruits, vegetables, whole grains, high-quality dairy, and the like. By feeding your body high-quality foods, we’ll improve your mood, increase your energy, and limit the amount of damage caused on your body and mind by the thousands of chemical, psychological, environmental, and physical stresses it endures daily.


Over the years, we have been led to believe that fats are bad for our body and that they are the number one cause of weight gain. The reality, however, is that fats play a vital role in our body’s systems, having a huge impact on vitamin, nutrient, and mineral absorption. Our meal plans are high in good fats and low in bad fats to provide your body with what it needs.


Carbohydrates are not all bad, as long as you eat good, wholesome carbs with lots of fibre. Bad carbs cause constant insulin spikes in our blood, which causes insulin resistance, weight gain, and fatigue. Fitwell meal plans help you eat complex carbs with lots of fiber to give you energy and a healthy gut flora.


Right after water, protein is the building block of our bodies! It makes up almost 20% of our composition and we need lots of healthy proteins for our body to function properly. Our hormones, hair, nails, bones, and muscles all need protein to stay healthy. Most of us don’t consume enough healthy protein, but Fitwell can help you get enough of what your body craves the most.

Fitwell’s diet plans are not extreme, and as a result, your body and mind do not get overburdened. We show you how to eat well, and once you feel the difference, you’ll always want to do so.

Fitwell on Mental and Emotional Health


First tool you have for fighting against the constant beckon of pleasure-inducing artificial products and a sedentary lifestyle will be a well-rested brain. Fitwell wants you getting regular high-quality sleep, enabling your body to balance its hormones. Regular exercise and a nutritious diet will provide all the necessities for your bodily functions, and the proper tools to handle stress. Soon, you will sleep better and recover better.

Rest Days

Rest days will help you take some time off exercise to relax, recover your muscles, and rebuild. Depending on your current physical state and the intensity of your workouts, Fitwell will schedule your rest days for you. Most importantly, Fitwell will suggest some light physical activities like yoga on your rest days to promote emotional and mental relaxation. 

Diet and Exercise

Your brain, just like your body, is fed by physical exercise that improves the cognitive functions of the brain, repairs damaged neural networks, and speeds up their performance. By feeding your brain the correct foods and exercise, we will improve your cognitive abilities, letting your brain do what it is meant to do: balance your hormones and manage your mental well-being.

Today, we mostly eat processed, unhealthy foods; sleep irregularly; deal with constant stress; sit for hours on end for mundanely tasked careers; lead increasingly isolated and sedentary lives; have lower water and air quality; are exposed to toxic wastes in our environment; and are almost entirely disconnected from nature. This causes great stress on our hearts, brains, and waistbands. We, at Fitwell, recognize the difficulty in perusing through the amount of information out there. Our tools offer you a way to switch to a healthier lifestyle without getting overwhelmed.

Fitwell’s exercise programs are not built to get you quick but phony results. We want sustainable results that will stay with you throughout your life. We don’t want to risk injury or have you push yourself to the limit. We want you to enjoy your workout plan, exercises, and rest days to become the best version of yourself.

We are focused on nothing else but fitness. As a result, we have the right tools and the right information. We vet each resource thoroughly, and present you only with the most qualified, most accountable, most legitimate, and most scientific tools to help you live better.

Fitwell is here to show you how to live healthier, better, and longer. Weight loss and muscle gain are only direct results of that lifestyle.

And if these Fitwell’s tips are followed closely and properly, those bodily changes will be long-lasting!

We wish you all the wisdom, strength, and luck on your journey, 

The Fitwell Team