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Fitwell provides all creators with a content-driven marketplace where you can meet users from all around the world. This platform will enable you to publish all types of fitness content, including: workouts, diet plans, and motivational videos.

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Install-based Income

Promote your content, get installs, and earn incremental income. Fitwell will assist you in creating and promoting high-quality, professional content.

Subscription Share Model

Earn your share of revenue from engagements and views of your content on the platform. Fitwell gives you immediate exposure to 1.6 million users worldwide.


Global audience

Gain new subscribers and continue to earn more income. Fitwell helps you promote your plans and reach global viewers.

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New ways to monetize

If you have a passion for fitness and want to reach more people around the world, Fitwell has an engaging and entertaining platform to make it all possible.

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Enhance your image

With Fitwell's fitness and production expertise, we'll create quality workouts together for a global audience. Share fresh content on our best-in-class platform and engage more followers.

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Get Promoted

Fitwell will support you and the platform with additional digital marketing activation, highlighting your content for free external exposure.


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