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What's included in Premium

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Access to all premium workouts

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Fitness & diet analysis

Macronutrient & calorie tracking

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A fitness plan that fits your goal

A healthy meal plan you'll love

Alternative meal suggestions


"Increasing your muscle mass and decreasing your fat percentage is more important than losing weight. When I work out, I become happier. Put down that can of coke and download Fitwell, now!"


"I’d be sitting there and Fitwell would send me a notification to get moving. I am no longer out of breath. My clothes fit better, I dress better, and I feel better. Thank you for being a positive influence on me every day."


"Thanks to Fitwell, I realized how carbohydrate and fat heavy my diet was, and how much I was depriving my body of much-needed protein. I love that Fitwell lists the nutritional values of food. I love the professionally-prepared exercises and the weekly reports."



Does Premium really work?

Whether or not a program works for you depends on how well you follow it. But Fitwell Premium does offer a more personalized experience based on expertise you can trust. Fitwell Premium offers a lifestyle change that will get you to your goal and help keep you there. Complete with personalised meal and workouts plans that you can do anywhere, Fitwell will get you to your fittest self.

What can I achieve with Fitwell Premium?

Fitwell can: Get you active: New to fitness? We’ll do simple exercises to help you increase your energy and be active. Get you lean: A bit of extra weight? We’ll speed up your metabolism with cardio-heavy workouts and a low-fat, high-fiber diet plan. Get you toned: Below your ideal weight or lack muscle definition? We’ll help you gain weight and tone with strength training, cardio, and a high-protein diet plan rich in healthy fats. Get you strong: Want better muscle definition and strength? We’ll help you gain muscle and tone by focusing on strength training and following a high-protein diet plan.

Where can I use my Fitwell workout plan?

Anywhere. No, really, ANYWHERE! Whether you are outdoors, on holiday, at the gym, or in your living room, Fitwell has a workout that you can do easily. Use your body weight, your home exercise equipment, or the equipment you use at the gym and Fitwell will prepare your workout accordingly. Took a week off and you’re enjoying the sunny beaches in your dream city? Not a problem! Fitwell can turn any place into a gym that works for you!

What if I don’t like my meal plan?

Fitwell provides excellent meal suggestions from hundreds of different meals daily. Don’t like one of the options? Alternatives are ready for you to choose from. As you log your meals with Fitwell, it learns your preferences and makes suggestions according to what you like to eat. Enjoy a truly personalized experience with Fitwell Premium.