Lose weight, build muscle, become flexible, and get fit. However you begin your journey, we are here to help make your goal a lifelong reality. We make a commitment to support you while you make a habit of healthy living.



No reason to sacrifice great taste

Fitwell learns what you like to eat and creates personal, healthy meal plans to your taste.



Your own personal coach to guide you

Do the right exercises to increase your lean body mass and get your goal. Fitwell is here to show you how.



Feel supported at every step

Smart Reminders are Fitwell's fun, personalised way to give you encouragement and guide you towards a healthy lifestyle




You will access your Full HD workouts anytime, anywhere and never lose momentum (compatible with AirPlay and Chromecast)



Fitwell Premium Memberships


6 Months

3 Months


Most Common Questions

Does Premium really work?
Unless you follow your program closely, we cannot guarantee its success. However, we can guarantee that Fitwell Premium will provide you with a personalised experience based on expertise you can trust. Fitwell Premium offers you a way to build new habits that will get you to your goal and help keep you there. Complete with a dietary plan and personalised workouts that you can do anywhere, Fitwell will get you to your fittest self. 


What can I achieve with Fitwell Premium?
Fitwell can:
Get you active: New to fitness? We'll do simple exercises to help you get energy and be active.
Get you lean: A bit of extra weight? We'll speed up your metabolism with cardio-heavy workouts and a low-fat, high-fiber diet plan. 
Get you toned: Below your ideal weight or lack muscle definition? We'll help you gain weight and tone with strength training, cardio, and a high protein diet plan rich in healthy fats. 
Get you strong: Want better muscle definition and strength? We'll help you gain muscle and tone by focusing on strength training and following a high-protein diet plan.


Where can I use my Fitwell workout plan?
Anywhere. No, really, ANYWHERE!
Whether you are outdoors, on holiday, at the gym, or in your living room, Fitwell has a workout that you can do easily. Use your bodyweight, or add the gadgets you use at the gym and Fitwell will prepare your workout accordingly. Took a week off to enjoying the sunny beaches in your dream city? Not a problem! Fitwell can turn any place into a gym that works for you!


What if I don't like the foods suggested by my meal plan?
Fitwell provides excellent meal suggestions from hundreds of different meals daily.
Don't like one of the options? Alternatives are ready for you to chose from.
As you log your meals with Fitwell, it learns your preferences and makes suggestions according to what you like to eat.
Enjoy a truly personalised experience with Fitwell Premium.