Ayşenur’s Success Story: Lost 19 kilograms through motivation



- 19 kg (41 lbs)

We have recently started to gather the inspirational success stories of our members in the Fitwell family, and they are making us proud and happy!

One such story belongs to our user, Ayşenur, and it is inspirational in every way. She is an example of persistence, knowledge, ambition, motivation, and creativity. In just a few months, Ayşenur lost close to 20 kilograms and her story is a great one.


Ayşenur’s Success Story: Lost 19 kilograms through motivation


Ayşenur started using Fitwell in March of this year and has already lost 19 kilos (or 41 lbs). She used to be a size XXL, and now she says she is able to fit into any clothes she wishes to wear. She still believes that she has a bit more to go, and is continuing to follow the fitness path she has set out for herself.

Ayşenur, a young and beautiful university graduate, says she was overwhelmed by her excess weight while attending school, an environment where being heavy caused unnecessary burden. “It was very sad for me to like an outfit, be able to afford it, but not be able to buy it because of my weight,” she remembers.

“I remained overweight for a long time and it affected my mood every day. I was feeling very sluggish and tired. I never wanted to move. I had always wanted to lose weight. I wanted it every time I looked in the mirror, but the process was difficult due to factors like my social environment.”

Everyone goes through difficult periods in their life, especially when they are young and facing life’s challenges for the first time. During these years, factors such as physical appearance and body condition greatly affect your mood. Ayşenur also experienced such lows, but she managed to dust herself off and move forward.

“I think 2017 was the worst year of my life in every sense. Then I decided that I wanted to start somewhere and get going. I wanted to start this new journey by focusing on myself first, so I decided to lose weight and Fitwell came to my mind. I downloaded it once again and started to use it regularly. Now, I never want to be away from you again.” — We don’t want to lose you either, Ayşenur!

Ayşenur received the full support of her close friends and family during her weight loss journey. Of course, things have been hard on her. Especially, having to pay close attention to everything she eats and having to give up some favourite foods has caused some stress. She also went through some career and life changes along the way. Despite these hardships, however, she has not given up.

“Not eating what everyone else is having, constantly having to prepare special meals for myself, having to buy my groceries separately from my family, always preparing my meals ahead of time and taking them with me wherever I go, these were especially difficult when I also had to change my physical location several times.”

We see from our success stories that going on a diet in Turkey is not easy to do. Everyone has to comment. Ayşenur’s also had her share of opinionated people. “There were those who said, ‘Don’t push yourself too much,’ or ‘You work all day, who needs the gym,’ or ‘Women should not be too muscular. You’ll start to look ugly,” but I did not listen.” Despite all the comments, Ayşenur kept her eyes on her goal and kept moving with intent.

“It’s easy to keep going when everything is going well, but if you don’t give up when things get tough, then you’ll succeed.”

Ayşenur says she also benefited a lot from our blog posts to help her with motivation. (It is nice to see that the contents we prepare are helping our users.) One of Ayşenur’s behaviors that we could all learn from is her ability to feed her motivation with knowledge.

“Thanks to Fitwell, I recognised how carbohydrate- and fat-heavy my diet was, and how much I was depriving my body of much-needed protein.”

Here’s Ayşenur’s list on how to stay motivated:

  • Reading the blog posts about fitness, health, and exercise

  • Keeping in constant touch with people around me who work out

  • Following Fitwell’s trainers and other professional trainers

  • Constantly reminding myself of where I want to be

  • Tracking my physical changes through photos

  • Constantly remembering the praise and support of other people

Ayşenur has also developed methods that are special and effective for her:

  • If I felt hungry and it wasn’t time for a snack yet, I ate low-calorie vegetables like carrots or cucumbers.

  • I got myself nice-looking, compartmentalised, stylish food containers. If I like the way my containers look, I am more likely to carry my meals with me wherever I go.

  • I used to have difficulty keeping my balance during workouts, but I kept going and I realised that it slowly started to get easier.

  • To make it easier to drink water, I divided the day into sections and set smaller targets: 2 glasses in the morning, 500 ml before noon, 500 ml after midday, etc.

  • I scheduled my workouts for when I knew I had time to do them.


Ayşenur, who set a nutrition schedule by using both her own resources and Fitwell’s advice, says she had moments where it was difficult to be disciplined, but she forced herself to keep going. She says having a concrete goal helped during these times.

“Everything is easier when you have solid goals and valid reasons. After a while, you begin to like the exercises. I did it to gain self-confidence.”

Ayşenur made an emotional connection with her future self and succeeded by moving towards that self step-by-step. “Everything I did, I did in order to have beautiful days with a fit body in the future. When I look in the mirror, I smile and I say to myself, ‘Ayşenur, you are such an inspiring girl!’ I do this every morning in front of the mirror. :)”

Ayşenur continues to move steadily on her journey. She recommends Fitwell to all her friends and dreams of an event where Fitwell members and coaches can come together in one place to meet and mingle. We asked her to name some of her favourite things about her Fitwell coach.

“I love that Fitwell lists the nutritional values of food. I love the professionally-prepared exercises and the weekly reports. The content you share on the blog is great. I also love the photo album. Activity and nutrition goals, winning badges, and the reminders are all a part of what I like the most.”

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