Nihat’s Success Story: 18 kilos (40 lbs)? With pleasure!



- 18 kg (40 lbs)

Nihat’s journey began when he realised that he was tired of being overweight. At around the same time, something life-altering happened that taught him the importance of being fit, and he embarked on his journey.

Since beginning his journey with Fitwell, Nihat has lost 18 kilos and has reduced his fat ratio from 32% to 15%. Of course, at first, there were moments when he had difficulties and felt like he wanted to quit. “I felt like if I quit, I would feel like I betrayed myself and I wouldn’t want to live with the guilt, “he says. Ever since he has tasted the freedom that comes with being fit, Fitwell has become indispensable for him.

”At first, it felt like torture, but I started to enjoy it when my quality of life improved.”


Nihat’s Success Story: 18 kilos (40 lbs)? With pleasure!

In the fitness journey, if the goal is to lose weight, the support of your friends and family is very important. It’s great if your friends push you forward, but this wasn’t the case for Nihat. His friends, rather than supporting his dream, discouraged his idea that he could get fit at home. They continuously told him he was wasting his time. But Nihat did not let the negativity from his friends distract him from his goal. Using his willpower and inner strength, he kept going and soon began to see results. He even started to enjoy working out at home even more than he ever had enjoyed working out at the gym. He says, “Doing exercises based on fitness science is a lot more enjoyable than going to the gym and working out at the machines without any support or guidance. It also helps to listen to your own playlist while working out.”

His dream was not limited by wanting to look good. What Nihat really wanted was to improve the quality of his life. Nihat is now a strong, athletic young person, who has recognised the importance of a healthy, better quality life. “Increasing your muscle mass and decreasing your fat percentage is more important than losing weight. Then it is much easier to find clothes, breathe, walk, pretty much do anything.”

It gets easier as you go

As you move forth on your fitness journey, everything, from eating healthier to working out, becomes easier. Working out and healthy eating both become habits and no longer need any effort. “In the beginning, I kept telling myself that I could not throw away my entire dream because I wanted to enjoy the taste of a dessert or an unhealthy snack for five minutes. Now, somehow, I don’t even crave those things.”

We always say that exercise helps improve your mood and reduce stress. Nihat has experienced this first hand. “I don’t know if it is related, but I am less stressed out and frustrated. When I work out, I become happier.”

Nihat says under Fitwell’s guidance, he found his own inner strength and acquired new tastes. Buying new clothes has become a favorite. What used to be a hassle and a must-do, has now become somewhat of a hobby. “Shopping is now a pleasurable task. I used to buy clothes so that I could cover my body. Now I buy clothes because I want to buy them.”


Nihat recommends Fitwell to everyone who wants to live a healthier life and underlines the importance of persistence. He also has advice for anyone who wants to live a healthier lifestyle: 
“Put down that can of coke and download Fitwell, now!”

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