Arzu’s Success Story: 14 kilos (30 lbs) in 1 year!



- 14 kg (30 lbs)

Arzu is one of our successful members who reached her goal by using only her own will-power and her personal Fitwell coach. Here’s how she describes her desire to lose weight:

”I just felt like looking thinner and feeling healthier, for me, tasted better than the most delicious meal in the world.“

She is proof that when it comes to weight loss, there is no age too old. Arzu is in her mid-40s and has used only Fitwell to lose 14 kilos all on her own. She likes Fitwell because it motivates her to exercise and ensures that she drinks enough water.


Arzu’s Success Story: 14 kilos (30 lbs) in 1 year!


She says certain unhealthy signals that her body was giving her prompted her to make the decision to live healthier. “I had a hard time walking. I would be out of breath after just a couple of minutes. My knees ached and my legs couldn’t carry me anymore.” Not being able to get into the clothes she wanted to wear affected her as well. Having to say goodbye to her favourite pieces in her wardrobe started to demoralize her more and more.

One morning Arzu woke up and decided to take control of the situation and work towards change. She downloaded her new personal assistant, Fitwell. She remembers that from day one, Fitwell was there with all the support she needed. “Fitwell motivated me every day. It would remind me to drink water, eat healthy snacks, or to stay active.”

Thanks to Fitwell’s meal recommendations, Arzu followed a filling, healthy diet without going hungry. She says Fitwell helped her recognize that it is possible to be fit and to work out without paying for an expensive gym membership. “I did not go to expensive gyms, but rather went for a high-speed walk by the seaside each morning. I walked to the exercise equipment that the government put up in my local park and worked out there. I gradually started doing this every day.”


Solo and strong!

Motivation and determination, in fitness, are the most important factors in determining your chances of success. Arzu was motivated by Fitwell’s coaching, and whenever she needed a bit of extra support, she tapped into her inner strength.

“I’d be sitting there and Fitwell would send me a notification to move. Thank you for being a positive influence on me every day.”

Self-motivation has a meaningful place in her story because unfortunately, like many others, she could not find the support she needed from friends and family. “I often felt like those around me were against me. It was as if none of my friends or family wanted me to succeed. As I lost weight, more and more people started saying things like I looked sick, I was losing too much weight. I was not overweight, my goal was only to return to my healthier weight. I didn’t listen to anyone and I kept going!

Losing weight is something that many people want to do, but only those who really want it can achieve it. There will always be those who cannot tolerate your achievements and try to get in your way, but the most important thing you can do is not let them. If you are not feeling supported, then let your smart coach Fitwell encourage you!

What Arzu likes most about her journey is how sincere her personal coach sounds. ”My favorite feature of Fitwell is that it stimulates me in a humorous way,” she says.

She has hacked her brain to protect herself against her sweet tooth

Arzu says the most difficult times were when the sweet cravings started. She created a unique tool to fight those cravings that helped her immensely. “I would say to myself, ‘I ate this dessert before and I know how it tastes. Been there done that, what’s the point?’ and before long, the desire to stick to my plan would surpass my desire to eat sweets,” she says.

This is a truly creative method! In the fitness world, we call it ‘hacking your brain’. If it worked for Arzu, who knows, it may work for you as well.

One year into her weight-loss journey with Fitwell by her side, Arzu has lost 14 kilos (30 lbs). She says a lot has changed for her during this time. “The way I ate changed. I can no longer go without working out. I spend a lot of my free time walking, swimming, etc.” She also adds, “I am no longer out of breath. My clothes fit better, I dress better, and I feel better. I have more energy and have great self-confidence.” That’s what we love to hear!


Arzu’s story, with its simplicity and sincerity, is straight out of the pages of life. There are many people currently walking this path who are in need of support. Of course, your mobile coach, Fitwell is always there for you!

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