Ainur’s Success Story: 30 kg (66 lbs) lighter and much happier!



- 30 kg (66 lbs)

Today, we are with you with another Fitwell weight-loss success story brought to you by a healthy diet and exercise.

This story is from one of our users who has been using Fitwell for over three years and has seen incredible change in her weight, her health, her body, her level of energy, and her quality of life.


Ainur’s Success Story: 30 kg (66 lbs) lighter and much happier!


When Ainur started her weight loss journey in 2015, she was 30 kilograms (66 lbs) heavier. Living with her sister who was “much skinnier”, she would often watch her buy new clothes and look great in them. One day, Ainur took a look at her sister then at herself and asked herself if this was how she’d always be! That day in 2015 was a turning point for Ainur.

Today, Ainur has renewed her entire wardrobe. She loves her new body, feels wonderful, and has more energy than ever before. She says that all her old clothes are too big for her now.

So, was it an easy journey or did she face some difficult times? “Of course, there were times when it was hard,” she says. “For a while, I didn’t see any change in my weight. The scales wouldn’t budge and I was ready to give up. But I kept looking at myself in the mirror and motivating myself. I read the success stories and kept going.”

Thankfully, both her family and her friends were behind her one hundred percent. “It was great to have my family’s support.The more weight I lost, the more they encouraged me,” says Ainur, who has been incredibly lucky with the support from she received from her close circle.

We asked Ainur if she has used any personal methods to fight hunger, motivate herself, and improve her chances, and she shared some of her tips with us. “I followed a personal detox plan. And my personalised healthy meal plan also helped a lot. Especially my healthy desserts were always delicious.”


So, now that she has reached her goal weight, what does Ainur do to stay in shape? “I continue to do my Fitwell exercises. I stay away from salty, processed, high-carb foods and continue to eat clean and healthy.” She has gained a couple kilos during the winter, but she doesn’t let that stop her and she plans to continue her healthy-living habits all her life.

Ainur says her looks and her confidence have both significantly improved. She often used to feel lethargic and depressed, but since her weight loss, she can move much easier and feels happier, more positive, and more energetic. “I love my new self,” she adds.

What Fitwell features does Ainur like best? She says she loves the daily reminders. “Fitwell kept motivating me with nice messages. It also calculated how many calories I burned and the workouts were great! I feel like I am in a loving relationship with Fitwell.😄”

Ainur says she would recommend Fitwell to anyone. She already has shared her success story with friends and family who also have started using Fitwell. She says everyone she knows loves Fitwell and she is very thankful that she came across the app.

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