Ebru Karaduman

Ebru Karaduman

Ever since she was a kid, Ebru has had lots of energy. To burn it off, her parents sent her to a gymnastics school, initiating her 17-year long career in artistic gymnastics. Today, she continues to coach, train, teach, write, and produce programs you can do right at home. She believes in improving yourself daily. Her approach to fitness: 

  • Adds elements of pilates and gymnastics to workouts

  • Gradually improves flexibility and endurance

  • Increases muscle tone while improving movement quality

  • Increases your metabolism

  • Helps you burn calories



Fit & Flexible

8 weeks program

A mix of strength, cardio and pilates, Ebru’s program targets your endurance and flexibility. In 8 weeks, we will help you build muscle, get toned, and become flexible. Improve your movement quality while getting the body you want with this at-home workout program that requires no equipment.




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