Murat Bür

Murat Bür

Murat Bur is a certified trainer, entrepreneur, and veteran in the fitness industry. He played soccer for 12 years with a professional football club in Turkey and has now joined the Fitwell family. His approach to fitness:

  • Looks at different body types

  • Trains each body type accordingly 

  • Gradually increases intensity and difficulty 

  • Focuses on the core muscles for lasting results

  • Combines strength training and cardio


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8 week program

Murat’s program is tailored to work for you no matter your body type. Focusing on strengthening the core, this program increases endurance and builds muscle. This program can be done at three levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Start at what works for you and work up. It is planned to give you lasting results in 8 weeks.




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